I am a multi-disciplinary artist, whose creations include watercolor, inks, gouache and other paint media.

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and have a B.F.A in Sculpture from The Ohio State University [2010].

Directly out of school, I worked at a leading financial company [2010 – 2021] where I grew my skills in business and project management as a means to one day manage an art career professionally.

Simultaneously, I worked part time in the arts both as an artist and through volunteerism in art administration. During this time I created the annual Butter Cow display for the Ohio State Fair [2010 – Present], was a supporting sculptor for local artists, created and sold commissioned artwork, and was the program chair and volunteer for the the Emerging Artist Program for the Greater Columbus Arts Council [2010 – Present].

In 2021, I left my career in finance and created Erin Birum Studio in order to pursue my passion in the arts full time. I am best known for my floral paintings that both celebrate the beauty of nature and demonstrates art’s ability to provide healing.


One of my earliest inspirations came from watching my grandmother make quilts. She used floral fabrics to create complex patterns that highlighted all the diverse ways we see and interpret flowers in our art and design. Some of these designs were born out of necessity and used whatever material she had, but it brought her joy just the same. This experience began my fascination with florals and textiles.

It wasn’t until I was 10 years in to my career at a financial company that this topic re-emerged with new meaning. I was burnt out, anxious, and felt this compulsion to plan and control every outcome, a side effect of working in project management for so many years! It was then that I picked up a paintbrush with a fresh set of eyes and painted the first thing I could think of that brought me joy, flowers. I immersed myself in flowers, exploring all the colors, shapes, and patterns they make in nature. It was through this period of discovery that I became passionate about creating work that brings people happiness and provides healing.

I love to paint each piece with layers of loose, intuitive marks and colors that embrace how much nature is its own designer. Each layer builds on the next, creating unique details, textures, and patterns through my perspective. Nothing is perfect, but every detail comes together to tell the story. Through this approach, art becomes healing and enables me to let go of my anxiety and find my joy. I want to invite viewers to experience this nostalgia for themselves and to remember a time when flowers had a special meaning to you.