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I'm getting ready to paint loose florals this weekend, and I can't wait ☺️ ...

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This skeleton and poppy piece is getting its last coat of background tomorrow. THEN the fun part happens where I remove the masking fluid. I can't wait ☺️ ...

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I'm really pleased with how this piece turned out for @hilliardgov . Thank you so much to @hilliardartscouncil for the support!

My next mural is coming soon!

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Throwback to some hot pink. I really love this very loose approach to florals. ...

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-sold- A small floral to keep things loose while I'm working on a big commission.

Whenever I'm making a commission for someone I am EXTRA hard on myself to make it perfect. That usually makes everything get tight and unnatural feeling. It does the opposite of helping me to make it better! These little paintings really help me stay warmed up and loose.

On a separate note...I'm loving the flat background against the wild florals that are spilling over the border. Maybe it will be my first card!

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I'm so excited to be offering some of my favorite pieces as prints this spring!

Keep an eye out for updates on availability as this first batch of prints will be small.

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